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Frequently Asked Questions

Our intention is to hire all current Bright Equipment employees. You are running a great business, and we will need your help to continue to provide that same great service going forward. In some cases where there may be duplicates with a role we provide elsewhere, we may need to evaluate your responsibilities, and make adjustments to your role. These will not be immediate, and we will work with you to find the best solutions to these challenges that align with your skills and abilities.

Yes!  We front-load our PTO (both Vacation and Flex time), so going forward, you will get your full years’ worth of PTO on your anniversary date each year.  We will use your start date with Bright Equipment as your “anniversary date” with us so you will get credit for your service time with Bright.  Until your anniversary date, we will start you off with whatever your years of service level would be.  When you reach your anniversary date, that PTO will disappear, and your new year’s amount will be automatically added to your account.

Yes! You worked hard for that time, and we want you to have it! We will use your original hire date with Bright Equipment for PTO purposes and vesting on our retirement plans. You will get all the advantages of your current tenure from day one.

Our agreement with Bobcat does not allow us to keep the Kubota line. We plan to work with Kubota to send back product while continuing to work with those customers who already own those products. We also plan to work with Bobcat to try to get inventory to replace the Kubota product.

We have created comparisons between your current health insurance plans and the plans that Berry Companies offers. We believe you will be very pleased with both the plan coverage, as well as the premium rates. In almost every case, you will pay less for your health insurance premiums, as well as receive more robust coverage.

As we are getting to know you, we also want you to get to know us.  We will have teams of people in your stores over the next few weeks working on many different parts of this process. Some will be counting and taking inventory. Some will be meeting with employees and working to onboard you into our organization. Others will be behind the scenes working on financial components, and just getting to know the lay of the land here.


Once we close, we will have teams and resources here to help train you on our business system (Prelude). We have a have a great group of people from all our divisions that are anxious to come meet you and help out in any way they can.

Steve Meadows our President of Operations will be interim manager. Steve will be spending a lot of time in Indy and will be working with current managers to keep things running smoothly.

We will be meeting with every employee over the next two weeks. This is a great time to ask any questions you have. You can also contact us via the form below.

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