Business Philosophy

Berry Companies

Driving Force

Our strategy will be driven by our goal to become exceptional in providing product and service solutions that meet the construction and material handling needs of our customers.


The strategic vision and mission of Berry Companies is to be recognized as a market leader in providing and supporting premium construction and material handling equipment. (Market leader is defined as achieving the #1 or #2 market share position for each product category.)

Corporate Values

At the Berry Companies, we will conduct ourselves at all times with integrity, and we will always be fair and honest in our dealings with others. We are honored to interact and be associated with so many groups of people. We shall strive to achieve the responsibilities outlined below.


  • We are intent on providing product and service solutions that meet our customers needs
  • We value our customer relationships
  • We want our customers to want to do business with us


  • We will respect and listen to our employees
  • We have “hustle” and promote a “can do” attitude
  • We are friendly and easy to do business with
  • We are proud of being associated with Berry Companies
  • We value long-term relationships, with both our fellow employees and our customers
  • We will provide opportunities and training to support professional growth and achievement


  • We will strive to be recognized as a “world class” dealer
  • We desire our relationship with our suppliers to be a true partnership
  • We are committed to trusting our suppliers and want them to trust us


  • We will be a good corporate citizen
  • We are committed to being involved in all communities where we operate businesses


  • We will do the right thing
  • We will protect the reputation of the company
  • We will strive to achieve the owners’ expectations