Berry Companies history dates to 1957 when Fred Berry, Jr. and his brother Paul purchased the Sam H. Denney Road Machinery Co. and renamed it Berry Tractor & Equipment Co. The Sam H. Denney Road Machinery Co. had been founded in 1928 to distribute road maintenance equipment.

In 1962, the brothers acquired White Star Machinery & Supply Co., which had been founded in 1910. Since then, Berry Companies has grown to eight divisions with over 46 branch locations operating in eight states throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

Since our inception, we have held tightly to the values of integrity and honesty that have made our company successful.

Throughout Berry’s decades-long growth and diversification, we’ve remained a family company where customers and employees come first. Our mission includes choosing what’s right over what’s profitable and recognizing this family-first approach as a key to our success.

Berry Companies History