Owner’s Vision Statement

Our desire is to operate this business with humility, grace, and honesty that is pleasing to our families, customers, suppliers, employees, and our creator. We want these associates to want to do business with us. We are in it for the long term and we will sacrifice short term gains for long term rewards in every opportunity. Our long term goal is to keep the business in the family for generations to come.

We want our business to do a great job of taking care of our customers in a way that helps them be successful. We will forsake profit over doing what is right every time. We want our company to be a stable and fun place to go to work free from excess internal politics and ownership uncertainties.

Our goal is to be profitable to a point that we can comfortably share our financial success with our employees. This does not mean we want to be the best in class in profit at the expense of all other things. We also want to be profitable enough to share our profits with charitable organizations that in turn will make a difference in the communities in which we do business.